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Risen is a charity dedicated to helping people to access mental health services by advocating on their behalf to their local mental health service providers, to speed up the process to get them the help they need.


We do this to reduce the amount of people being given access to mental health services through the hospitals, courts or police and prevent mental health conditions reaching a critical stage.

The earlier you are given help, the easier it is to treat your condition. Mental Health should be taken as seriously as physical well being.


Do not delay, let us help you to get access to life changing treatments today!


Some of the most common triggers of mental health problems arise from relationship/family issues, employment issues, physical health issues, feeling like you have no purpose in life and business or financial problems.

Mental health issues do not discriminate, they can affect ANYONE at any given time!

We have made it our duty to offer the opportunity for people to manage their mental health issues better by providing additional support to help people to gain access to mental health services.


Get more confidence in your ability to handle life!


Risen offer encouragement and a range of practical services that are designed to make your life better.

As well as this, Risen continuously work to break the stigma surrounding mental health problems and work on a range of projects to help with our mission of preventing mental health problems worsening. See our projects here.